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Jewelry With Meaning - Crystal Sanctum is proud to offer intention jewelry-- jewelry with transformation energy to change your life. Our jewelry with meaning will transform all areas of your life, from love and romance to increased spirituality and faith. Our jewelry is more than just a fashion piece — it’s jewelry with meaning that allows your inner most dreams to turn into a reality.
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Intention Crystals and Jewelry From Crystal Sanctum

No matter what your intention crystal needs are Crystal Sanctum has you covered.

Whether you need a boost of creativity, a wave of relaxation or a burst of clarity and energy… crystal sanctum carries the perfect crystal intention jewelry or intention stones for your individual needs.

Set your healing intentions and good vibes today, with crystal sanctums large inventory of intention crystals, stones and jewelry, our custom crafted intention jewelry and stone pieces are beautiful, unique and powerful.

At Crystal Sanctum we believe that life isn’t about FINDING meaning… but CREATING meaning, so get your custom intention crystals, set your intentions and get creating!

Balance & Focus Bracelets, Jewelry and More


Crystal Sanctum’s Balance & Focus bracelets are designed with your intention in mind! They are designed using ancient patterns and high-quality crystals to dissolve any energy blockages to bring balance and focus into your life. Our Balance & Focus Jewelry grounds your energy, promoting original thinking and bringing focus. Wearing these bracelets for balance & focus helps to balance the mind, body and spirit. In addition to bracelets and jewelry, you can also use healing crystals to achieve balance and focus. Place them in your home to maintain balance and a healthy flow of energy throughout the space.  


Our Balance & Focus bracelets help to connect you to the energy of the Earth. When you are grounded and connected to the energy of the Earth, you feel more balanced and happy, enabling you to go after your dreams and goals. At the Crystal Sanctum office, we like to wear a bracelet for balance & focus everyday to ensure that our energy is calm and clear so that we can be the best we can be. One of the most popular pieces of Balance & Focus jewelry is our Grounding Anklet. This anklet is made with magnetic Hematine and you will feel its grounding energy as soon as the healing gemstones touch your skin. It brings a protective, calming and cleansing energy that helps connect you to the Earth on a deeper level. Wearing this anklet or another Balance & Focus bracelet leaves you feeling safe, secure and grounded.


Balance is essential to live a full and happy life. We must balance our work lives with our relationships and personal life—which can be a very difficult challenge. Wearing Crystal Sanctum Balance & Focus bracelets helps you to maintain your health and emotional balance. Live a fun-filled, love-filled life where you can pursue your dreams!

Health & Wellness Bracelets, Jewelry and More


Crystal Sanctum Health & Wellness bracelets were created to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is something that is completely accessible to everyone! It stems from a state of consciousness and knowing that you can use tools, such as mantras, food, relationships and love, to reestablish wellness into your life. Our Health & Wellness jewelry can help guide you as to what areas of your life you are looking to strengthen—is it your health, is it your performance, is it your financial life? Our bracelets for Health & Wellness can help you to make the conscious decisions you need to make everyday in order to lead a healthy and bountiful life.


Our Health & Wellness bracelets promote health, peace and inner calmness. When you are healthy, you are happy and can achieve anything you set your mind to. Wearing a bracelet for health & wellness can help you keep your diet and fitness goals as well, serving as a daily reminder of your goals. Many of our best-selling Health & Wellness jewelry pieces are made with Turquoise. Turquoise is a Master Healer gemstone that helps to strengthen and heal the entire body. Many Native American cultures believe that turquoise jewelry connects you to the infinite possibilities of the universe—thus why turquoise stone jewelry is popular in Native American lifestyle. A Health & Wellness bracelet made with Turquoise holds the vibration of Mother Earth, which emits energies of love and healing to help to believe in yourself.


Good health and overall wellness are two things that everyone wants to bring into their lives, and our Health & Wellness bracelets can help you do just that! Find the bracelet or necklace that is just right for you and embark on your wellness journey. Use the power of healing crystals and intention to help guide you to achieving your dreams and goals.

Love & Happiness Bracelets, Jewelry and More 

Crystal Sanctum Love & Happiness bracelets were designed to help open your heart so you can connect with the energy of love.  They open your heart to all types of love—love of yourself, love for your partner, love of your children, family, community, the love of absolutely everything on Earth. Our Love & Happiness jewelry will help to balance, activate and open your heart chakra so that you can fill your life with love and happiness. Love is the most powerful energy of all. When we feel loved and are emitting positive vibrations of love, we are happy and the others around us are happy. Our bracelets for Love & Happiness will help you connect with this powerful energy, no matter what type of love you are looking for—self-love, romantic love, any type of love!

Our Love & Happiness bracelets carry soothing vibrations that help to calm your emotions and rejuvenate both the physical and emotional body. They help to release all the stress, tension, anger and resentment that may be built up inside you, clogging your heart chakra with negative energy. A bracelet for Love & Happiness can help to replace these negative energies with energies of hope, faith and peace moving towards the future. Our most popular Love & Happiness jewelry piece is our Attract Love bracelet, modeled after the Rose Quartz bracelet co-founder, Heather Askinosie, made for herself when she was looking for love in her life. This bracelet is THE formula for single women who are looking to bring a romantic love into their life. It combines the power of healing crystals and ancient Feng Shui secrets to create a powerful love energy combo. If you are not looking to attract a romantic love, but just looking to increase overall love energy in your life, wear another Love & Happiness bracelet, like our Light and Love Bracelet. This bracelet combines the love energies of Rose Quartz and Pink Aventurine with the happy, joyful energies of Citrine to create a powerful combination for love, happiness and positivity.


Love makes the world go around. You can never have too much love in your life. It makes us feel whole and special. Shop our selection of Love & Happiness bracelets and crystals to find the piece that speaks to you!

New Beginnings Bracelets, Jewelry and More

Crystal Sanctum New Beginnings bracelets and healing crystals are the perfect tool for the birth of a new beginning. They help you to align with the energy of the Earth and universe so that you begin to feel something bigger than yourself. Our New Beginnings jewelry assists with spiritual development so that you can discover your destiny and soul purpose in life. New beginnings, new energy, new ideas are fun and exciting. Everyday is a new beginning. Stop looking at life from what might have been. Instead look forward to what can be. Our bracelets for New Beginnings will help you to continue moving forwards, opening new doors and concurring new goals.


Our New Beginnings bracelets carry energizing and activating energies that help to balance and clear the energy centers in your body. They help you to think more clearly, allowing you to focus on and become clear on your dreams and goals. Wearing a bracelet for New Beginnings helps to prepare you for your next step in life. One of our most popular New Beginnings jewelry pieces is our Destiny Bracelet. Made with Rainbow Moonstone, this special bracelet was designed to help clear any obstacles in your pathway to reach freedom and peace. Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of destiny, changes and wishes and is worn for protection, love and wisdom. It is connected to the energy of the moon, and therefore holds the frequency of the divine feminine. A New Beginnings bracelet is the perfect intention piece for when you are ready to unlock all the unlimited possibilities the universe has to offer.


Some people believe that destiny is predetermined and that you can’t change certain things from happening. At Crystal Sanctum, we believe that everyone has the power to make their own destiny. And at anytime you choose, you can start a new path to a new beginning. Our New Beginnings bracelets and crystals can help you on that journey!

Passion & Creativity Bracelets, Jewelry and More 

Crystal Sanctum Passion & Creativity bracelets to infuse your life with passion and creativity, awakening hidden talents within. When we are passionate about creating something, it brings us joy and allows our heart and spirit to smile. When we smile, others smile back—its contagious and it spreads the energy of joy around. Our Passion & Creativity jewelry increases your motivation and energy to explore new paths and achieve your dreams. Discover your inner gifts and talents by walking past your fears. Don’t worry about being perfect and stop procrastinating. Don’t doubt yourself—joy and fun are waiting for you on the other side of self-doubt. Our bracelets for Passion & Creativity will help inspire you create so that you can be rewarded with feelings of happiness and being alive.


Our Passion & Creativity bracelets bring good luck and opportunity, encouraging creative visualization. They provide protection, good energy and strength. Wearing a bracelet for Passion & Creativity gives you that little push you have needed to pursue and chase after your dreams. One of our best-selling Passion & Creativity jewelry pieces is our Confidence with Coin Bracelet. This bracelet is made with Carnelian, a stone of creativity, courage and vitality. It encourages a strong sense of self-worth and self-confidence, vibrating with joy and luck as well. Carnelian awakens your passion and creativity. A Passion & Creativity bracelet of Carnelian is the perfect accessory to wear on a job interview, as it brings good luck and opportunity, helping to highlight your talents.


The time is now. Break free from your old routines, limiting thoughts and boredom and CREATE. Start something new. Find that one thing you are really passionate about. You can start small or you can start big—the choice is yours. Pot a plant. Write a poem. Try out a new recipe. Or paint, color, draw, sing, dance—the possibilities to create and be passionate are endless. Our Passion & Creativity bracelets can help awaken your creativity and passion so you can start today.

Spirituality & Faith Bracelets, Jewelry and More 

Crystal Sanctum Spirituality & Faith bracelets were designed to help reinforce your spirituality, faith and contentment. Spirituality means something different to nearly everyone. For some, it represents participation in a specific religion and going to church. For some, it is more personal and is about getting in touch with their spiritual side through practices like prayer, yoga, meditation and quiet contemplation. Our Spirituality & Faith jewelry helps you on your own journey to personal transformation—whatever that may be to you. When you are connected with your spirituality and your soul, you are able to discover your true purpose and intentions. Be enlightened. Feel empowered. Inspire yourself to live your life to your fullest potential. Our bracelets for Spirituality & Faith can help connect you with your more spiritual side, bringing you good energy and a deeper connection to the Earth and yourself.


Our Spirituality & Faith bracelets help to connect you with your inner wisdom and enhance your intuition. They help to absorb negative energy while emitting positive, grounding energy. Wearing a bracelet for Spirituality & Faith shifts your focus back to yourself and your personal transformation to bring to light a deeper meaning of life. Two of our most popular Spirituality & Faith jewelry pieces are our Transformation Bracelet and Empowerment Bracelet. Made with Hematite, Onyx, Obsidian and Amethyst, the Transformation Bracelet helps to dissolve and transform any unwanted energy that is holding you back from seeing yourself as the person you truly are and strive to be. It helps to release old thoughts and break bad habits so that you feel empowered to take your spiritual journey to the next level. Made with Azurite, Hematine, Amethyst and Sodalite, our Empowerment Bracelet helps you to realize your potential so that you feel empowered. This Spirituality & Faith bracelet fills you with inspiration and expands your mind.


In the words of Sri Daya Mata, Spirituality lies not in the power to heal others, to perform miracles, or to astound the world with our wisdom, but in the ability to endure, with the right attitude, whatever crosses we have to face in our daily lives, and thus rise above them. It is recognizing and celebrating that we are all connected to each other by a power grounded in love and compassion. Our Spirituality & Faith bracelets bring this into perspective, bringing meaning and purpose to our lives.

Wealth & Success Bracelets, Jewelry and More 

Crystal Sanctum Wealth & Success bracelets were designed using powerful crystal combinations and ancient Feng Shui secrets to help you acquire prosperity, good fortune and new opportunities. Some of the most powerful wealth gemstones are Citrine, Green Jade, Aventurine, Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite—each of them possessing their own unique properties to help fill your life with wealth. Our Wealth & Success jewelry helps you to manifest everything you want into your life.


Whether you are looking to manifest money, opportunity, good health or anything you can imagine, our pieces can help magnify your manifestation and intention to bring these to life. Citrine, often referred to as the “Merchant Stone,” is a powerful manifestation stone that helps you to acquire prosperity and magnifies your manifestation. Wearing our bracelets for Wealth & Success or using wealth crystals can help you bring the things you are looking for into your life faster. Try using energy tools, like our Bayberry Candle or Wealth Crystal Bag.


Many of our Wealth & Success bracelets incorporate the ancient Chinese Feng Shui secret of 3 Chinese Coins tied with red string. This is a powerful ancient manifesting tool for attracting wealth, luck and endless opportunity. Chinese Coins are a symbol of good fortune. Their round shape is said to represent Heaven and their interior square is said to symbolize the Earth. Wearing a bracelet for Wealth & Success, especially if you are a businessman or woman, will prove to be your lucky charm.


The original Crystal Sanctum necklace that prompted our company was a Wealth & Success jewelry piece, our Prosperity Necklace. Fourteen years ago, Heather made 10 green jade necklaces and gave them to ten of her friends. She requested that they wear them for 40 days straight and then tell her of the experience they had while wearing it. With an overwhelmingly positive response from the Wealth & Success jewelry, this piece prompted the birth of Crystal Sanctum Jewelry.  Another extremely powerful Wealth & Success bracelet set is our Money Magnet Bracelet Set. This combination was created using numerology and crystal energy to create the ideal combination to bring in abundance and wealth. The wealth crystals in these bracelets are repeated in patterns of 8, the number of abundance and money.


Our Wealth & Success bracelets are a powerful tool for manifesting and bringing golden opportunities. Combined with the power of your own intention, the power of these intention bracelets is endless. You will never want to take them off, because they will prove to be your new lucky charm!

Protection Crystals, Jewelry & More 

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of negative energy? Crystal Sanctum’s protection crystals and protection jewelry will help you to remove negative energy from your body and your environment. Ridding your body and home of negative and harmful energy is one of the most important things for you to do. Placing protection stones and wearing protection jewelry promotes a healthy flow of energy throughout your body and your space, which is vital to your health and wellbeing.


Crystal Sanctum is your one stop shop for the most powerful crystals for protection. The best protection crystals to use in your home and to wear are Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Shungite and Jasper. Black Tourmaline is one the ultimate protection crystals. If you are looking to clear, cleanse and unlock any energy blockages in your home, place a piece of Black Tourmaline in each of the 4 corners of the room or at the 4 corners of your property.


This creates a protective shield of energy to ensure that no negative and harmful energy permeates your space.The human body is constantly bombarded with positive and negative energies. When you come in contact with people everyday, you often pick up some of their energy. To maintain a balanced mind, body and spirit, you want to make sure that your energy is 100% your own, so knowing how to remove negative energy from your energy field is key. The Crystal Sanctum Protection Necklace and Protection Bracelet are made with two powerful protection crystals: Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli.


Black Onyx repels any negative vibrations and facilitates the release of negativity, stress, anxiety and even feelings of depression. It is one of the most important healing gemstones to wear on your body.


Lapis Lazuli brings freedom from negative thoughts and energies. Shop our selection of protection crystals, necklaces and bracelets to find the perfect protection jewelry piece for you!

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