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Crystal Sanctum offers an amazing selection of color healing crystals and colored crystal jewelry, allowing you to find the perfect healing piece. No matter the healing crystal or gemstone you’re seeking, we have exactly what you need to begin turning your dreams into a reality!
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How Colors And Color Crystals Can Affect You And Help Improve Your Life

Lifes problems come in every color of the rainbow… fortunately so do life’s solutions, in the form of color crystals, stones, and jewelry from Crystal Sanctum.

Whether you need to perk up, or zen out… crystal Sanctum has the perfect color crystal or stone to help you get into the perfect state of mind.

Give yourself some color therapy and charge your brain AND your mind with one of our premium Color Crystals today, at Crystal Sanctum online crystal superstore we carry every color of the stone, crystal, and gem imaginable!

We even have black crystal jewelry. With black crystal jewelry, you’ll naturally add mystery and stability to your life, while being protected by the black stone.

Crystal Sanctum features every color you need to transform your life. With our blue crystal jewelry, you’ll promote your life entirely as you’ll have better health and spirituality while finding truth and meaning in your life.

Our red crystal jewelry will give you the strength you need by adding courage and confidence to promote positive actions for the change you’ve been seeking. We even offer pink crystal jewelry to attract love and beauty in your life. When shopping by color for our crystal jewelry, you’ll find exactly what you need, including orange, purple, clear, silver, and more.

Clear the negative energy from your life to radiate positive energy to allow your deepest desires to come true. Cleanse your body, mind, and soul with Crystal Sanctum Clear Crystals, gemstones, and jewelry!

Black Crystal Healing Jewelry


The color black is a mysterious color, associated with the energies of power, protection and elegance. Although black may sometimes be symbolic of death in some cultures, the Native Americans thought the color black was good because it was the color of the Earth’s soil, which gives life. Crystal Sanctum’s black crystal jewelry is made from a variety of black gemstones, which can symbolize self-control, resilience and protective energies. The most well-known black gemstones and black healing jewelry is made from black onyx, obsidian, black tourmaline and jet.


Our most popular black crystal jewelry pieces are definitely our black Protection bracelets and healing necklace. These black bracelets are made with Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli, to surround you with a protective shield. Once introduced into your energy field, Black Onyx works to repel all harmful and negative energies. Wearing black onyx jewelry helps to calm excessive energies—such as stress, anxiety, nervousness and anger—replacing these with positive energy. Black crystal jewelry and black bracelets, made with onyx, is especially great for body builders, as it helps them to stay with their program and reach their goals. It helps you to focus and direct your motivation and will towards your goal so that it can be reached in a timely matter!


Black healing jewelry made from Black Tourmaline carries a strong energy for cleansing and clearing your body of all negative energy. This healing gemstone also works to unlock all energy blockages within your chakras and your overall body, creating balance and assisting you in letting go of any emotional baggage you may be carrying around. Shop our selection of black jewelry, bracelets and more to find the Crystal Sanctum piece that is perfect for you!

Blue Crystal Healing Jewelry


Blue is the color of the sky, ocean, water and healing. The ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli to represent heaven, wearing blue crystal jewelry made of Lapis Lazuli, Sapphires and other blue gemstones. Blue evokes a calming energy, said to bring inspiring, sincere and soothing energies. Wearing blue healing jewelry, comprised of blue gemstones, helps you to feel calmer and more relaxed. The vibration of blue crystal jewelry helps to open the flow of energy in places that are blocked, encouraging self-expression, facilitating communication and bringing feelings of inner peace.


The most well-known blue gemstones, of which our blue crystal jewelry is made out of, are Sodalite, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Apatite, Sapphire, Angelite, Dumortierite and, of course, Turquoise. Blue bracelets made out of Sodalite have a harmonizing effect on the body, filling your energy field with soothing and calming energies. When combined with Aquamarine, like in our blue Calm bracelets, these healing gemstones create an ideal crystal energy combination to clear your mind and create overall balance in your life.


Crystal Sanctum’s most popular blue jewelry would definitely be our pieces made with Turquoise. Turquoise is the gemstone of well-being and is the most powerful Master Healer gemstone. Believed to be the bridge between heaven and Earth, many Native American cultures believe that Turquoise and turquoise jewelry helps to connect your mind to the infinite number of possibilities that exist in this Universe. Our best selling Health bracelets and necklace combine the healing properties of Sodalite and Turquoise to create a crystal combo that heals, protects and strengthens your overall body. This blue healing necklace was one of the original Crystal Sanctum pieces and remains one of the most powerful pieces in our collection. We have quite a vast selection of blue crystal jewelry, both blue bracelets and necklaces. Learn about the energies of the different gemstones and choose the piece that best speaks to you, to fit what you are looking to bring into your life.

Brown Healing Crystal Jewelry 

Brown is the color of the Earth and trees, and therefore is believed to bring stabilizing, nurturing and grounding energies. Brown crystal jewelry helps create a warm, comfortable feeling when it touches your skin.

Brown gemstones also bring energies of grounding, stability and clarity. The most popular brown gemstones, used in Crystal Sanctum’s brown healing jewelry, are Tiger’s Eye, Bronzite, Agates, Jaspers and Wood.


Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of vitality, action, good luck and positivity, creating beautiful, brown crystal jewelry that brings these energies to help you achieve your dreams. Wearing brown jewelry made of Tiger’s eye is especially beneficial for the astrological signs Leo, Capricorn, Aries and Taurus.


It carries the energy of the Earth, along with the energy of the Sun, bringing the happy, joyful and optimistic energies associated with these elements.


These brown bracelets can also be worn to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth to you when you wear it. They help to bring you personal power and give you a little creative boost when you are feeling blocked or drained.

Gold Crystal Jewelry

Gold is the color of wealth, royalty and optimism. The Tibetan Buddhist believe in 5 Sacred stones and minerals: Quartz Crystal for light, Turquoise to represent the infinity of the sea, Red Coral to represent life, Gold for the golden ray of the sun and Silver for the light of the moon. Gold and gold crystal jewelry has forever been linked with divinity and the gods and spirits associated with the Sun, symbolizing wealth and success. Wearing gold crystal jewelry and bracelets when you want to feel increased personal power, good health, success and just the pure enjoyment of life. Wearing a gold healing necklace in everyday life also promotes courage, confidence and willpower.


Two of the most powerful gold gemstones are Pyrite and Rutilated Quartz. Gold jewelry and bracelets made from Pyrite will bring you good luck and confidence, filling your life with abundance. Our Lady Luck gold bracelet can help to remedy financial hardship by helping you to attract abundance and make wise financial decisions. Wearing gold pyrite healing jewelry can also help you concentrate on seeing the positive things in life, instead of dwelling on the negatives.


Our best-selling gold, Rutilated Quartz crystal jewelry would be our Guardian Angel pieces. These gold crystal necklaces and bracelets are made with pure Rutilated Quartz. Each healing gemstone encompasses thin, gold threads of minerals, referred to as Angel threads or Venus Hairs, giving this gemstone its ethereal or angelic vibration. These pieces of gold crystal jewelry help to alleviate feelings of depression, strengthening your will by connecting you with guardian angels. Wearing a Rutilated Quartz gold bracelet is especially beneficial for anyone who is going through a major loss in their life, and might just need a little bit of support to begin healing.

Grey Crystal Jewelry

Many Native American cultures associate the color grey with friendship, as Grey is thought to be a symbol of security, maturity and dependability. Grey crystal jewelry made of gemstones, such as Hematite and Smoky Quartz, can have a warming and stabilizing effect on the body. Wear Grey crystal jewelry and bracelets when you are feeling detached or isolated and want to feel more grounded and balanced. Grey healing jewelry can also help with improving relationships, bringing them to a more stable state.


Hematite is a powerful protection gemstone that helps you to remain grounded in any situation. As soon the Grey Hematite jewelry touches your skin, you will immediately feel a shift into a more balanced, calm and relaxed state—its crazy! Most of us at the Crystal Sanctum office make sure that we wear Grey bracelets and Grey healing necklaces, made from Hematite, as part of our every day attire. When we are grounded and centered, we are able to accomplish everything we want to accomplish. Grounding helps to bring our dreams and aspirations into reality—and Grey crystal jewelry can help make this happen!


Our Fertility bracelets, made with Grey Moonstone, are another one of our bestsellers. Grey bracelets made of Grey moonstone carry the energy of the New Moon. It is a very powerful gemstone for magnifying your intention, thus why we made our Fertility bracelets out of Grey Moonstone. Moonstone also helps to increase fertility and harmonize the entire reproduction system, helping you to get pregnant. Our Grey bracelets for Luck, made with tourmalinated quartz, help to bring you good luck and clear all the energy blockages and negative energy from your body. Creating overall balance within your body, our Luck pieces will bring new opportunities into your life, while attracting abundance and wealth into all that you do.

Green Crystal Jewelry

Green is the color of nature, life, growth and wealth. Green crystal jewelry carries the energy of well being, balance, harmony and life force. Green symbolizes the master healer and nature, which is the life-force energy that propels life itself. Ancient Egyptians believed that the color green was healing for the eyes, wearing green eyeliner, green jewelry and green bracelets. Green Jade is considered sacred in almost all Asian cultures. Many people of Asian descent have green jade stones in their home and wear pendants of green crystal jewelry.

Green gemstones carry powerful energies of growth, the desire to excel and expand, balance and transformation. Wear green healing jewelry when you feel the need for change or growth, are craving balance or are in search of protection from fears and anxieties. Green crystal jewelry is also used to attract money, prosperity and wealth—thus why our original Prosperity necklace is made with green Jade. Place green gemstones around your home or office when you want to bring balance, growth and the energy of nature into your environment. Some of the most beneficial green healing gemstones are Malachite, Aventurine, Jade, Peridot, Bloodstone, Chrysoprase and Seraphinite.

When you are looking to attract abundance and wealth into your life, look no further than our green healing necklace and green bracelets, the Prosperity necklace, Money Magnet Bracelets and Wealth Bracelet. All of these pieces were designed with specific money gemstones to create beautiful green healing jewelry that will attract all the prosperity and abundance energy into your life!

Our green Prosperity Necklace was our original Crystal Sanctum piece. Fourteen years ago, Crystal Sanctum founder Heather Askinosie decided to explore her creative side, producing a green jade necklace and giving it to each of her 10 friends. She asked them to wear the necklace for 40 days straight and then report back to her with their experience. With nothing but positive responses from her friends, this green healing necklace prompted the birth of Crystal Sanctum Jewelry. A short while after, Heather teamed up with

She asked them to wear the necklace for 40 days straight and then report back to her with their experience. With nothing but positive responses from her friends, this green healing necklace prompted the birth of Crystal Sanctum Jewelry. A short while after, Heather teamed up with life-long best friend, Timmi Jandro, and the two begin distributing their product, selling jewelry out of their cars and creating quite a buzz in Hollywood.



Orange Crystal Jewelry

Orange is a power color and is one of the best healing colors, due to its association with the sun. Orange crystal jewelry and orange bracelets are said to increase your enthusiasm and stimulate creativity, making orange healing jewelry made of orange gemstones ideal to wear for artists, musicians and people seeking creative energy! If you are feeling like you need to spice things up in your life or that time just seems to be dragging, put on some orange jewelry or add a little color to your life. You can also add orange to your life to boost your creative juices and to provide relief when things get too serious.


Orange gemstones contain the fiery energies of the color red, but are more gentle and encompass a creative spirit. Wear orange crystal jewelry to accentuate your personal power and to increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Place orange gemstones and healing crystals around your home or office to stimulate creativity, mental quickness and your ability to adjust to any changes that may be happening in your life.


One of our favorite orange gemstones is Carnelian. Carnelian activates the 2nd sacral chakra to bring a surge of life force energy, sexual energy and creativity. Wearing orange bracelets or an orange healing necklace of Carnelian can also help to decrease feelings of anger, jealousy and fear, increasing confidence and control over your emotions. Carnelian bracelets are wonderful for children or teenagers, especially if they are being bullied or are shy. They help them to come out of their shell and radiate with confidence, building their self-esteem. Wearing orange crystal jewelry can also help to awaken hidden talents that lie within them—ones that they may not know about yet! If you are someone who have struggled with self-esteem issues in your life, try wearing our Carnelian pieces, Confidence Bracelet and Confidence Necklace!

Pink Crystal Jewelry & Pink Crystals

Pink is the universal color of love. It brings feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth, love and acceptance. Wearing pink bracelets and pink crystal jewelry can help to calm feelings, relax the body and help facilitate acceptance. Pink crystals promote love, self-worth and beauty. Some of our favorite pink gemstones are Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Morganite and Watermelon Tourmaline.


Wearing pink crystal jewelry made of Rose Quartz helps to open your heart to all types of love—love of yourself, love for your partner, love of your family and friends and love for your life & everything on Earth. It is especially beneficial to wear a pink healing necklace of Rose Quartz, one that hangs close to your heart, activating the heart chakra and filling your body with positive energy. Pink Rose Quartz jewelry facilitates the release of negative emotions, such as anger, stress, tension and resentment, clearing your heart out so that it can be filled with love. Pink healing jewelry is recommended in times of stress, heartbreak and grief because it provides you with the support you need to move past these emotional traumas. Try putting a Rose Quartz sphere or Rose Quartz Crystal in your bedroom or living space, as it radiates positive vibrations of love in all directions.


Pink Bracelets made with Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz can help you to attract love, happiness and harmonious relationships into your life. Rose Quartz helps to bring two people together, while Rhodochrosite raises your self-esteem and self-worth to increase your self-love. In order to attract love into your life with pink crystal jewelry and pink crystals, you need to know in your heart and in your soul that you are worthy of receiving love and putting those vibrations out into the universe. If you do not love yourself first and foremost, you will not attract the right kind of love energy—as like energy attracts like energy. LOVE yourself and love will find you!

Purple Crystal Jewelry

Purple is a very spiritual color that is ideal for healing, peace of mind and meditation. It is also thought to symbolize royalty, expansion and finding your purpose. Purple bracelets and purple crystal jewelry bring inspiration and focusing energies, to help you on your spiritual journey in finding your purpose in life. Purple jewelry made from purple gemstones helps you to use your imagination to its fullest capacity, balance your life, remove obstacles and to calm your mind.


Wearing purple healing jewelry or using purple gemstones during your meditation helps to connect you with the higher self, deepen your meditation and to increase your spiritual connection. Some of our favorite purple gemstones, that our purple crystal jewelry is created out of, are Amethyst, Fluorite, Charoite and Agate. You can wear an Amethyst purple healing necklace or Amethyst purple bracelets to naturally relieve stress and remove all negative energy in your body. This healing gemstone attracts positive energy and dispels all negative and harmful energy. You can also use purple Amethyst jewelry or Amethyst stones to help relieve migraines and headaches. Fluorite is associated with Archangel Chamuel, who is the angel of peace and comfort. Purple crystal jewelry made from Fluorite brings peace of mind and protects you from fear-based energy.


Amethyst crystals are also extremely beneficial to place in your home, as they keep your living space full of vibrant, positive energy. Placing one in the middle of the central area of your home maintains a calm and relaxing environment, free of stress and conflict. If you have a child that often gets nightmares, place an amethyst cluster or have them sleep in a piece of purple crystal jewelry. An Amethyst cathedral crystal is a great energy tool for spreading the protective and spiritual energies of Amethyst throughout your home, due to its shape. Crystal Sanctum has a vast selection of purple crystal jewelry, as well as crystals and gemstones for the home that will be perfect for you! Find the piece for you today!

Red Gemstones, Crystals & Crystal Jewelry 

Red is the color of prosperity, joy, passion and fire. It is also the color of blood, linking it strongly with life and vitality. Red crystal jewelry and red bracelets carry the essence of life, passion and lust. Red gemstones can be used to strengthen the body, promoting courage, power and vitality. Place red gemstones around your home or office and wear red healing jewelry when you want to stimulate vitality and life-force energy.


A few of our favorite Red Gemstones for red jewelry are red coral, carnelian, garnet, red jasper and bloodstone. Garnet stones have deep roots in many ancient civilizations, legend saying that it provided the only light on Noah’s ark. In the Middle Ages, many people wore red garnet crystal jewelry to enhance faith and love commitments. Today, red bracelets made with Garnet are worn to enhance health, passion and energy. They activate and balance the root chakra to help you feel more grounded and energized so that you can achieve your dreams. Red jewelry made from Garnet also helps you to feel more secure and safe to alleviate feelings of fear and worry. Wearing red crystal jewelry made from Red Jasper brings motivation by stimulating your physical energy. These red crystals help you to get up and chase after your dreams, connecting you to the energy of the earth.


Three Chinese Coins tied with red string is a very powerful ancient Feng Shui solution for good fortune and luck. Our red healing necklace, the Good Fortune Necklace, captures this powerful and auspicious element, combining it with the prosperous energy of Green Jade. As one of our original Crystal Sanctum pieces, this piece of red crystal jewelry is perfect for everyday wear—as it is just pure simplicity. This auspicious combination is sure to bring you prosperity, wealth and new opportunities.

Yellow Crystal Jewelry

The color yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy and wisdom. It also brings creative and intellectual energies. Wearing yellow crystal jewelry and yellow bracelets helps to bring clarity, relief from feeling burnt-out and a deep connection to the energy of the sun.

Carry yellow gemstones and wear yellow healing jewelry to promote your ability to express yourself. They bring happy and joyful energies, helping you to feel cheery and uplifted.

Placing them around your office helps you to keep a positive environment and to help you maintain a clear mind to help with decision-making. Yellow jewelry is especially beneficial for writers and public speakers, as it is believed to help increase eloquence.

Our favorite, and one of the most powerful, yellow gemstone is Citrine—the stone of light and happiness. Yellow crystal jewelry made from Citrine does not hold any negative energy, and thus never needs to be cleansed. Wearing Citrine yellow bracelets helps to balance the 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra, bringing happiness, self-discipline and clarity of the mind.

Citrine jewelry helps you to feel good about yourself by filling your life with happiness, confidence and more energy.

Citrine is the best healing gemstone for manifestation, making yellow crystal jewelry made from Citrine an essential energy tool for when you are looking to bring something specific into your life.

It activates your mind and imagination to create a clearer mind and a more positive outlook on life. See what you want clearly and imagine yourself having that something in your life already—wearing a citrine bracelet or yellow healing necklace can greatly magnify your manifestation power.

Powered by the sun, when citrine touches your skin, it works to warm, cleanse and energize the body and the solar plexus chakra. It helps to increase your motivation, willpower and determination so that you can go after your dreams and achieve success.



Clear & White Crystal Jewelry

White is the color of purity, clarity and new beginnings. Clear or white crystal jewelry and white bracelets carry purifying vibrations that can be used to clear energy blockages from your body and path. White healing jewelry made from white and clear gemstones is perfect for when you are looking for a fresh start, mental clarity, to clear clutter or obstacles and to bring pure energy. Crystal Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone and Selenite are the most purifying clear or white gemstones.


White crystal jewelry made from Rainbow Moonstone helps to clear all the obstacles in your pathway to reach freedom and peace. Wearing these white bracelets helps to connect you with your destiny, wishes and the energy of change. They can also be worn for protection, love and wisdom. White jewelry made from Rainbow moonstone connects you with the energy of the moon and the energy of the divine feminine, making it a powerful gemstone for women to wear. Our white healing necklace, or Mother Goddess piece, is the perfect piece for new mothers as it connects you with your inner goddess.


Quartz crystal jewelry is extremely energizing and has the ability to magnify your intention that you set for it—thus why we put quartz crystal beads at the end of every Crystal Sanctum jewelry piece. Quartz crystal stones have the ability to be programmed to hold an intention, so that your intention is being constantly put out into the universe, even when you aren’t thinking about it. Selenite is a very powerful cleansing tool that has the ability to clear, protect and shield your energy body. It is one of the very few minerals that has the metaphysical composition allowing it to unblock all stagnant and stale energy to reenergize your body and dispel negative energy. Some people believe that Selenite has the ability to cleanse and purify your whole body and energy system, down to a DNA level, to help with the regeneration of cells. Shop our selection of white crystal jewelry and quartz crystals to find the piece that is perfect for you!

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